May 2016: Beating up zombies is my thing

2015: No Ordinary Hero, The Superdeafy Movie

March 2014: Debuting at Cinequest 

February 2014: Headed to NY, reporting on businesses at LEGALTECH. 

November 2013, December 2013, January 2014: Working at E! News Now, keeping the public educated on all things pop culture.

 October: OCT 11, 2013 Catch another HERSHEY'S SWEET CINEMA of MONSTERS VS. ALIENS on FX.


                                                            Did you catch it?         SEPT 21, 2013 was the HERSHEY'S SWEET CINEMA presentation of GROWN UPS on FX.


August: The premiere of No Ordinary Hero!


June: Shooting segments to air on FX during Hershey's Sweet Cinema.


May: Played Jenny in No Ordinary Hero: The Superdeafy Movie. Passionate cast and crew! So rewarding to delve into Sign Language again. Release date set for late August.

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April: What a blast at Logo NewNowNext Awards! 

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January 2013: Washington D.C. beckons. Industrial gig with comedy scripts? love it.


December: Off to Mammoth for 3 weeks to shoot Uneasy Lies The Mind



I am deep in the heart of video games and torture devices. Player vs. Pain is a new series coming to

Machinima, created by the oh-so-talented Kevin Pereira. Lets just say I am perfecting my evil laugh....



We're baaaack! Kate Seigel and I work with Pantless Knights to make another fabulous spoof of a spoof:



June: Download my show,  Amplified Pop, to your iphone or ipad, to get all the latest pop news.



Come watch me read my ridiculous childhood diary entires next Wednesday, May 23rd.


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February and March:

An award-winning play that I am lucky enough to be a part of. Come check it out: